How To Find Inexpensive Accommodation

Everyone loves to go for vacations and enjoy their lives to the fullest. However, these days things are becoming more and more expensive which makes it very difficult for a person to work under a certain budget. However, you can always look for a cheaper substitute for anything, especially on a vacation or trip. Here are some ways of enjoying your vacations even when your budget is low.

How to find inexpensive accommodation.

Internet searches

222oiu The best way is, however, not to use any search engine, but go for some dedicated lodging directory (in every even remotely popular holiday destinations there is at least one such website) and browse it carefully, looking for the cheapest offers.

The strong point of this method is the fact that in most cases you will be able to see some reliable customers’ reviews. They will tell you more about general ambiance and quality of the place than anything else. What’s more, all the information you need is at the same website, saving you a lot of time and nerves.

Ask friends and workmates

If for any reason you can’t find the information you need on the Internet, you can turn to your friends and workmates. Maybe someone has heard about a good lodging in the area or has even been there. While such information is usually somewhat outdated, they may be found helpful.

Tourist boards

When you are out of ideas, the last thing you can do is to contact the local tourist board. They will surely have the list of hotel accommodations in their area and probably will be able to give you the contact information. In most cases being a member of a local tourist board gives a hotel some level of reliability – they will need to keep some standards, or they risk being kicked off the board.

Think of traveling throughout the off-peak period

Know when the country’s off-peak season so you could have an idea of the cheapest days to travel. Several hotels provide discount rates and cheaper charges during off seasons.

Identify what facilities you want the hotel to have

Luxurious hotels and high-end accommodations typically cost more as their rates are inclusive of the use of the amenities they have on the premises. You could save money if you choose an accommodation that has minimal and the most basic amenities.


333lkjNo matter where your trip takes you, there are inexpensive accommodations that can be found. Decide how much you are willing to spend on accommodation over the course of the trip, and then work to keep your accommodations within that limit.


Documents to prepare when going to Canada as a tourist

Every year, millions of travelers head to Canada to see its amazing beauty and experience many wonderful things. There are also some people who go to the said country to visit their friends and family who have migrated. So, if you yourself are thinking of going to this place as a tourist, you should be aware that it is not as easy as getting a plane ticket. Before this, there are several documents that you have to prepare to ensure that your travel will go smoothly.

Travel documents to Canada for tourists


hgdshgdd64When you are traveling to a different country, the most important travel document that you should have is a passport. You need to apply for it way before your intended departure. Take note that when booking a plane ticket, the airlines will require you to input your passport number. Therefore, it is very important that you already have your passport in your hands before you even attempt to get your ticket.

It may take a few days, or even weeks, before you can have your passport. It all depends on the processing in your home country. So, again, see to it that you submit your passport application, at least, a couple of months before you visit Canada.


The type of tourist visa that you need to get depends on your nationality. There are some countries like Netherlands whose citizens are not required to get the regular tourist visa for Canada. If you are a Dutch national, all you need is to get is an Electronic Travel Authorization, which you can conveniently do by just getting online. If you need help with the form or any other questions, you can seek the assistance of a travel agency.

On the other hand, for people who are not exempted from getting the traditional Canadian tourist visa, you can still submit your application online and wait for the approval. You can also take your application to the Canadian embassy personally.

Bank statement

To prove that you have sufficient funds for your trip to Canada, the immigration officer may ask you to show them your latest bank statement. So, before you leave the country, you should make sure that, indeed, you have enough money to travel to Canada.


Invitation letter

If you are visiting a relative or friend who lives in Canada, it would be good if you have an invitation letter. Submitting this document when applying for the regular tourist visa will increase your chances of getting approved.