Japan Winter Travel Guide

It is no secret that Japan is one of the most desired countries to visit during the winter season.  As a matter of fact, a significant number people from around the world flock in the country during winter. Now, if you are one of the many individuals who want to experience a one of a kind winter adventure in Japan, allow us to share some tips for visiting Japan during winter.

Visa & Passport

As expected, a foreign national who wishes to visit Japan as a tourist must secure a passport, which must remain valid for the duration of stay. In addition, a tourist visa is required in order to enter the country. However, Japan does not require a tourist visa for citizens of 66 different countries as long as their stay in Japan does not last more than 90 days.


For a more comprehensive guide concerning this matter, you can visit the official site of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, it is important to note that visa requirement revisions can be made without prior notice. Thus, it is strongly advisable to visit the site prior to traveling to Japan.

Winter Cuisine

During the winter season, Japan offers winter delicacies such as Motsunabe, Yosenabe, Mizutaki, Sukiyaki, Zosui, Mochi, Osechi, Oden, Soba, and much more. Thus, if you want to indulge into Japan’s culinary, don’t ever miss the winter delicacies that they offer.


As we all know, accommodations are one of the most important factors to consider when traveling. When it comes to accommodations, Japan offers a wide variety of options during the winter season. Thus, you should not worry about where to stay in Japan during winter because will find a lot of hotels, hostels, resorts, apartments, and guesthouses within the country.

In addition, it is worth noting that ski resorts such as Hakken Resort Madarao are probably the best options in terms of accommodations during the winter season in Japan. As expected, these types of resorts offer winter sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Thus, if you want to spend a day on the mountainous terrains of the country, it is ideal to stay in one of the many ski resorts in Japan.

Tours & Activities

ASDSADAside from the winter sports activities, snow festivals are of the most notable events during the winter season in Japan. As we all know, Japanese celebrates these festivals annually, and it is during these festivals where they display their talents in snow sculpture. Additionally, if you are into winter wildlife, you should never miss Japan’s very own snow monkeys. Plus, a visit to Japan will never be complete without visiting at least one of its many traditional Buddhist temples.

Learn The Language

When traveling to a foreign place, it is always ideal to learn the local dialect of the country.  With that being said, it is always imperative to learn at least the basics of Nihongo in order to communicate effectively with the locals in Japan.


Discover the beauty of Japan


There are a lot of things to do, see and taste there that you can have a hard time just thinking about where you should start in Japan. That is why I have listed here some of the top things to see in Japan travel guide when you visit there.

Cultural uniqueness and diversity

Japan has always been one of the most culturally unique and diverse of all countries in the world. In fact whenever you hear the word Japan you probably already have stereotyped images that quickly flash through your mind. You Think of Mt. Fuji, of sushi and other delectable dishes, and of the art of origami. There are just so many wonderful things that the country has shared with the rest of the world.So if you want to learn about the top things to see in Japan, here is a short list that is worth going over.1ooooo

Experience to watch Japanese baseball

If there is any another country in the world other than the United States of America where baseball is a major hit, then it would be Japan. It is the experience to watch Japanese players and with the Japanese fans all hyped up with the excitement they are feeling for this game that makes it so unique. It would be fun to watch players other than the Americans to play this game.

Land of the Rising Sun from the months of March and April

Go to this Land of the Rising Sun from the months of March and April, and you will surely be in awe of the majestic beauty of the cherry blossoms. These months correspond to the spring season and is the perfect time of the year to visit this country because the weather is just right, not too hot and not too cold. And with the blossoming of the cherry blossoms also signals the start of festivals held all over the country.

Iconic snow-topped volcano

There is also the iconic snow-topped volcano which is the Mt. Fuji. If there are any places to visit in Japan which almost every foreigner is familiar with it would be the picturesque Mt. Fuji. You can see it while traveling in a train or you may opt to climb it. Every year thousands of tourists both local and foreign trek to the top of this great mountain. Just do not forget to hire a guide so you can ensure your trip’s safety.

The finest snow for skiing and snowboarding

2dddSome of the finest snow that is perfect for skiing and snowboarding can be found in the snow-covered mountains of Japan. The country is famous for its many ski resorts that many foreigners visit all year round just to experience the exhilaration that only the Japanese slopes can offer to them. Just make sure you book in advance for your ski resort accommodations, so there will be less hassle for you to experience.


This article is not long enough to enlist all the wonderful things you see in Japan, but the ones mentioned above should be a great start. So the next time you plan a major vacation or even if you want to look for jobs in Japan for English speakers, include this country in your destination list, and you will not be disappointed.