Key Things To Pay Attention To When Buying A Used Yacht

We cannot deny the fact that many of us dream of owning a big yacht and sailing the never-ending oceans and seas. However, buying a new yacht is as expensive as buying a new house. Therefore, most of us are simply incapable of affording a brand new yacht. Fortunately, our dreams can still come true with used yachts.


These days, we can easily find all kinds of used yachts for sale, especially in San Diego, a city known for reputable yacht dealerships. Now, while purchasing new San Diego Yachts is a pretty safe deal, buying used ones can be a bit tricky. To make a good purchase, you will have to be extra careful so as not to make a very costly mistake. For that matter, you will have to pay attention to a number of factors, some of which we will cover in this article.

Check For Fiberglass Cracks

Tiny cracks, such as spider webs, are usually considered cosmetic. They usually appear around handles, gunwales, and windshields. Even though they might appear minor at first, they can easily get worse if not properly fixed. If you come across cracks that are greater than 2 inches, this is usually an indication of larger problems. In this case, look for the signs of extensive repairs and ask the owner if the yacht has been in a collision.

Check For Signs Of Mildew

asdsadsIn this case, you should pay close attention to the carpets, the boat top, and the seats, and see if there is mildew. While covers and upholstery can be easily replaced or cleaned, a significant presence of mold inside the seats is usually a pretty bad sign. Do not forget that mold can spread at a blistering pace, and those moldy wooden parts, carpets or lockers can indicate bigger problems underneath them.

Check The Electronics

Modern yachts typically brim with all kinds of electronic systems. Therefore, if you are checking out a used advanced yacht, do not hesitate to hire an expert to check the boat’s electronics, because you will most likely be incapable of handling such a complex task. However, if you are checking out an older model, you could investigate seized bilge pumps or burned-out bulbs on your own. If you detect a number of malfunctioning devices, a faulty battery or faulty wiring is most likely to blame. Fortunately, these can be easily replaced and at a good price.

Check The Engine

Next up, do not forget to start the engine. Do you see any smoke? Does it vibrate or make any excessive noise? If the problems involve too much oil or old gas, they can be easily fixed. However, keep in mind that these signs can also indicate more severe issues, for, example, low compression in the cylinders. If that is the case, an expensive engine overhaul will be needed.

Check The Seats

Last, but not least, make sure to examine the seats and any furniture closely. Some used yachts are notorious for having rotten floors, as well as stripped bolts. Keep in mind that repairing or replacing rotten floors is a costly and time-consuming affair, whereas fixing stripped bolts is a rather quick and significantly less expensive procedure.